Flui DIP Adaptor

The cloud-native DIP (Data Integration Platform) Adaptor for Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement (MHHS), delivering secure high-performance integration to the DIP.
Flui DIP Adaptor

The Flui DIP Adaptor

The UK government’s Net Zero target has driven a significant reform of the energy industry with the introduction of Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement (MHHS). This change will ensure that half-hourly meter readings from smart meters are the basis of actual charges to consumers, not broad estimates based on average use. This will, in turn, enable behavioral change at the consumer side of the industry. To enable such a change, industry participants will need the technology infrastructure to link into the DIP (Data Integration Platform). The DIP is a new message-oriented, event-driven infrastructure that Avanade are building on behalf of Elexon, the MHHS Programme, and the Industry overall.

Flui Technologies have a long history in building reliable and scalable half-hourly data systems, and we have leveraged this experience to produce our cloud-based DIP Adaptor to seamlessly link the DIP to internal systems such as our MarketFlow solution. Flui Technologies’ DCP as a Service integrates the Flui DIP Adapter, offering comprehensive DIP onboarding, MHHS qualification, and secure, reliable cloud-first DIP connectivity. Market participants can formally ‘place reliance’ on Flui as their DCP for all relevant testing as part of achieving MHHS Qualification.


Why The Flui DIP Adaptor?

  • Technology from a company that built the only UK-specific smart meter platform which processes billions of records of half-hourly data every week from millions of smart meters.
  • Meets and exceeds all performance criteria and non-functional requirements as specified by the MHHS Programme.
  • Cloud-first technology which has been designed to scale to the largest energy supplier requirements.
  • Conforms to Interface Code of Connection (CoCo), centrally updated to keep in step with any future changes to the DIP.
  • Can operate ‘standalone’ or fully integrated with MarketFlow for a low-risk comprehensive solution to MHHS requirements.
  • Comprehensive support, encompassing guidance and expert assistance through DIP onboarding, MHHS qualification processes, and robust certificate management to ensure the security of your private keys.
  • Designed for resilience with a self-healing architecture, ensuring uninterrupted service, minimal downtime, and consistent operational efficiency, even in challenging conditions.

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