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Marketflow for your business

The UK is widely recognised as the most complex and demanding energy market communication requirement in the world due to the scale and structure of the market and numbers of customer switching. The capability engineered into Marketflow to deal with such a demanding operating environment means that it is particularly well placed to support market communications in other geographies worldwide.

The product is truly flexible in nature and is the only product which has been deployed in multiple geographical areas and across industry sectors in support of de-regulated market processes.

The product supports market communication requirements in international markets including support for EDIFACT and ebIX informed market models or markets with their own XML based or Service based interaction formats.


How does it work?

Marketflow takes large volumes of structured messages from multiple points and co-ordinates their journey across a market or organisational landscape. It orchestrates data flow. Marketflow has a unique depth of integration capability. It integrates closely with other enterprise systems and its unique flexibility can help insulate clients from unnecessary and costly change.

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Why Marketflow?

  • Supports full processing and validation of industry data formats
  • Easy to introduce new data formats
  • Provides a flexible transformation engine allowing data to be received and transmitted in different formats
  • Supports a wide variety of technical and communications protocols
  • Has been integrated with a wide range of billing / CRM platforms including SAP IS-U, Ferranti MECOMS, Itineris UMAX, LogNet MaxBill, Oracle CC&B
  • Provides highly automated exception handling capability to minimise the need for manual user intervention
  • Provides out of the box support for Shipper & Supplier industry processes In the UK, such as Registration, Withdrawal, Asset Works, Meter Reading and Data Updates.

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