Water Retail

As a trusted supplier to the water sector for many years we understand the varied challenges that this industry faces.
Water Interaction

Water Market Interaction

As a water business, you own assets that both consume and generate electricity – but how can you optimise those assets and maximise financial gains?

Water Interaction
Data Flows
Data Flows

Manage Data Flows

There are thousands of messages coming into and out of your organisation on a daily basis. Managing the flow of that information can be challenging, especially when it’s going to multiple different places and causing issues at a later stage. Our approach to dataflow management is simple, we want to protect our client’s core systems from rogue or invalid data. We do that by stopping and validating messages as soon as they enter your business and then providing visibility and control of their journey throughout the organisation. By doing things in this way, it’s easier for business teams to manage exceptions, saving time and ultimately money. Our solution is responsible for managing ‘traditional’ industry file transfers between shipper/supplier and other industry participants by interfacing s with the DTN/IX industry gateways or e-mail to send/receive files. The solution also provides a comprehensive user interface which provides the data flow management / industry facing teams full visibility of all files, messages and exceptions processed by the system

Data Meter

Manage Meter Data

One of the impacts of smart metering on an energy retail business is the exponential increase in data that you’re required to manage on a daily basis. Half hourly reads and events issued by the meter need to be stored somewhere – there’s no need to clog your billing system with information that it doesn’t need. Its primary function is to bill a customer, usually on a monthly basis. Our MDM solution provides an enduring repository of all smart metering related assets, reading / consumption data and events and provides standard interfaces which allow other systems to make use of this data as and when required. The solution also provides a detailed technical view of all equipment installed at an individual premise along with a view of the current configuration. This data is essential for making decisions when managing customer issues and related exceptions.

Data Meter

Analytics and Reporting

The ability to analyse data across all the components in the market interaction environment is a key capability for an Energy Retail organisation and critical in ensuring exceptions and problems ancan be identified and resolved in a timely manner. Having access to this data presents a huge opportunity for energy companies to seize competitive advantage. Deeper insight can reveal new ways to improve:

  • customer service
  • reduce operational costs
  • protect margins

Our analytics and reporting platform is a standalone solution that works harmony with our own market interaction solution but can also be integrated with any other data flow management system to transform how you access and understand your data.

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