Jonas endorses Flui with massive investment in MHHS

This investment in scaling up our business and technology is key.

Earlier this year Jonas Computing (UK) Limited, the parent company of Flui Technologies, committed to a multi-million-pound, multi-year investment in the flow products in support of the MHHS (Marketwide Half Hourly Settlements) Programme.

Following Ofgem’s decision in April 2021 that requires the industry to adopt MHHS (which is a key enabler in supporting the transition to Net Zero), Flui Technologies undertook a business and technology review, involving consultation with our clients. As a result, Flui has begun the investment process that will see the existing Marketflow and Meterflow products evolve into one cloud-based platform.

This next-generation suite of components can be tailored into solutions to support multiple market roles as they evolve, or used independently in existing deployments. We never have and never will mandate upgrades for our clients, we will continue to support every client on their preferred deployment path.

Since the start of 2023, we have ramped up our design and development capability, creating a team of industry and technology experts to assemble a modern component-based technology stack. This architecture brings together the existing business logic and data structures that have served the UK-deregulated Energy Retail industry since its inception.

One of the most significant technical decisions taken by the Elexon-facilitated MHHS programme was to mandate an event-driven architecture at the centre of the industry. Avanade was appointed Data Integration Platform Service Provider (DIPSP) and has been busy sharing specifications and plans around the deployment of this vital link for all industry participants.

Flui Technologies is a consumer of this technical design, and we are incorporating that knowledge into our own development plans as we use this investment opportunity to both cloud-enable our products and underpin that evolution with an event-driven architecture to support MHHS.

Performance has always been at the heart of our products, and this won’t change as we evolve to our next generation of software. The move to event-driven brings another dimension to performance engineering and we are working hard to ensure we continue providing the most scalable and reliable technology on the market.

This investment in scaling up our business and technology is key to providing that technology and will ensure our clients have a smooth transition to the world of MHHS.

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