Flui is Now Qualified to Act as a CSS Interface Provider

21 November 2023

The Retail Energy Code (REC) is a set of obligations governing market participants in the energy retail market. The specific set of obligations relating to the Central Switching Service (CSS) is subject to audit for the first time this year, and we are delighted to announce that Flui Technologies has participated in this audit and achieved the qualification to act as a CSS interface provider. CSS provides a registration service and an address management service. These deliver a centralised record of key data used when switching suppliers, covering both gas and electricity supplies. Flui offers an interface to this via our CSS Adapter which links the industry with Suppliers via our Marketflow solution.

Like many stakeholders in our industry, we are subject to several internal and external audits of tools, technology, management systems, and people. These audits are an essential component in the methods and infrastructure that surround the creation of systems that are the backbone of the industry and just simply work. They hide the complexity of technology and process required across many industry participants to enable consumers to seamlessly switch energy providers.

And that’s what it’s all about really. We’re very happy to have achieved this qualification, of course, and immensely proud of the people here at Flui who worked hard to create such a robust and clearly documented set of processes, and continue to do so. But beyond all the technology and audits, it’s about enabling consumer choice. In an open market centred around consumer choice, we’re happy to be the ones providing the infrastructure to make that choice happen.

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